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. over the next weeks and month, we will hear more about suspected shooter james holmes. there will likely be court appearances, charges, and perhaps a trial. it will be holmes who makes headlines. a name you'll hear over and over. and usually it is the suspected killer that gets most of the attention. eric harris and dylanical icalk. anders behring breivik. today is the one-year anniversary of that mass killing. but names we should be hearing are those of the victims. we want to start this morning remembering those who lost their lives friday morning as told by the people they left behind. >> not surprising to me that his first thought would be her. that's what a man does. he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we're going to miss him. >> just a great kid. talented kid. very talented. a lot of gifts. made people laugh. always made people smile. gentle giant was the way we looked at him. >> the sweetest smile you've ever seen. and she got -- she got prettier as she grew older. in a blink of an eye, something happens, and -- completely changes everyone's life
in the case. police here in aurora say that they've removed all hazards from james holmes' apartment, and some of the evacuated neighbors were actually allowed to return last night. but not before police carefully detonated some explosives. one neighbor said she nearly entered the apartment early friday morning when loud techno music started blaring. she tried yelling it holmes and noticed the door was unlocked but didn't open it. that may have saved kristin fonzie's life. she now knows the music was set to play while the suspected gunman was at the theater. police say had she entered the apartment she likely would have died. jim spellman is at the apartment complex where holmes lives this morning. you have new information on the investigation. i understand they questioned somebody else. >> reporter: that's right. overnight, multiple reports surfaced that there may be a potential second suspect in this case. aurora police wanted to knock that down pretty quick. they put out a statement saying, yes, they interviewed somebody they described as an associate of james holmes, the accused shooter in
visit >>> mail messages. colorado shooting suspect james holmes allegedly mailed a package of handwritten letters to one of his instructors at the university of colorado. guns and politics. president obama and mitt romney opposing views on the need for revised gun control laws. >> i also believe that a lot of gun owners would believe that ak-47s belong in the hands of soldiers. >>> and parachute twine. a daredevil jumps from a balloon nearly 20 miles above the earth a daredevil jumps from a balloon nearly 20 miles above the earth for a world record attempt. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, july 26, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the university of colorado received a package from alleged theater begun man james holmes. the package containing handwritten papers was addressed to one of holmes' instructors in the ph.d. program. meanwhile, the first of holmes alleged victims was buried. teresa garcia in aurora, colorado, has our report. >> investigators say a package fr
. there was fear and chaos as james holmes fired again and again with an assault rifle, holding 100 rounds. sources tell abc news, the smith and wesson high powered rifle, holmes' most deadly weapon jammed. the carnage could have been worse. more people survived, in part, sources say because holmes was probably squeezing the trigger so quickly the magazine malfunctioned. holmes was ready for war. also armed with a tactical shotgun. and abc news has learned the pistol police recovered in the theater had an extended 40-round clip. police are urgently seeking a motive and may have gotten a critical break in the case. authorities recovered a computer from the suspect's booby trapped apartment and sources tell us more evidence of his batman obsession. abc news has learned police discovered a variety of batman paraphernalia including a poster and mask from the comic book series. many of my source s appear stunned at the suspect's cold-blooded fury. >> gets you so angry, too, reports out of jail now he is showing absolutely no remorse through awful this. he is still maining his joker persona, spitting at
's father skipped going to the hospital this morning to attend a court hearing of james holmes. >> i feel like i make sure that justice is taken with this man. and this support everybody that has been through this. >> david sanchez says he wants holmes to face the death penalty. several of those who died are being remembered for sacrificing to save their friends. the victims honored in the u.s. senate with a moment of sil skbrens a tribute from minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> now, boy like to honor the victims by reciting their names. veronica moser-sullivan. board on... >> the president visited families and victims yesterday. you'll find more on the victims on our web site. >> and an attorney spoke out on behalf of james holmes parents clarifying the statement his mother may have told a reporter. those words made it sound like she knew her son was the shooter. his parents are standing by their son but say they're hearts go out to the victims and families. his mother, arlene claims she didn't know her son was a suspect until a news reporter called and woke her up just before 6:00 a.m.
, and the impression james holmes made on victims' families. it's tuesday, july 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we will take you live off to colorado in just a moment for our top story. >>> and then the harsh punishment for penn state's prestigious football program. what's next for the campus after the ncaa's decision. an unprecedented decision from the governing body there in college football, definitely their football program is going to struggle the next couple of years as well as the the economy surrounding state college. >> not only just the number of scholarships, the $60 million fine, and then, no post season for the next four years. they hit them from every angle. if you watched the press conference with the ncaa officials, the word, used, was culture, want to change the culture of the program. so no one was shocked. i've don't think. they expected this to come down the pike. it has the. >>> disturbing video coming from a mississippi day-care center. the surveillance pictures getting a lot of
suspect. >> hello, i'm james. >> reporter: taken six years ago when james holmes spoke at a science camp. sources tell abc news the automatic rifle holmes allegedly used jammed during the shooting spree but he had extended clips for other weapons that held up to 40 rounds. holmes also recent lead applied for a membership at the private gun rage but was turned away because the owner thought he was "creepy." aurora's mayor is concerned the death toll could rise. >> we saw some people yesterday who, who are still terribly injured. and may not make it. >> reporter: holmes will make his first court appearance in the morning. we are told it is brief and he will not enter a plea. rob, paula, back to you. >> thanks to brandi, the make shift memorial to victims keeps on growing as friends and strangers alike as they add flowers, american flags and personal mementos on the site in the shadows of the century 16 movie theater, a cross has been placed for each of the 12 victims. >> same guy made the crosses that made them for columbine. >> he came back from aurora, illinois, where he was traveling fr
for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. >>> back to our top story, james holmes was a one-man arsenal when he walked into the aurora movie theater friday morning. >> investigators say he had two pistols, a shotgun and an automatic weapon. and bought 6,000 rounds of ammo all on line. abc's pierre thomas shows us how holmes was able to arm himself so very easily. >> reporter: abc news has learned and authorities suspect if all had gone according to the suspect's plan, the bombs in his apartment would have blown up the walls of his residence and possibly burned down the entire building. this fireball was created when police disposed of only part of the death trap. police had to overcome a room full of bombs and a spaghetti jumble of wires. once finally inside, police discovered evidence of an apparent obsession with batman. according to sources, among the paraphernalia recovered, a batman mask and batman poster. the most critical item found a computer. police hope it will be the key to unlocking why holmes went on his murderous rampage. but many are left to wonder how holmes
, the suspected shooter, james holmes, will make his first court appearance in the courthouse that is right behind me. he's being held in the ajas ent jail in isolation in connection with the killings. he faces first degree murder charges, an offense that could carry a possible death penalty process. he spent months planning the rampage. so far we know of no motive. officers say right now he is not cooperating. this as the people of aurora are coming together and remembering the victims and trying to move forward. last night thousands attended a prayer vigil to honor those touched by the violence and to remember the lives lost. earlier president obama met with survivors and families of those killed. here he is with 2002 young women who survived the shooting after meeting with them he spoke about justice for the victims. >> although the perpetrator of this evil act has received a lot of attention over the last couple of days, that attention will fade away. and in the end, after he has felt the full force of our justice system, what will be remembered are the good people who are impacted by this tra
on in our program. still ahead on "starting point," the owner of a gun range that james holmes trialed tried to access to, why he had a strange feeling about the gunman. and what would cause a person to do something so evil and so atrocious? i'll speak with a clinical psychologist about any possible warning signs. you're watching "starting point." we're back in just a moment. >> it's not surprising to me, his first thought would be her. that's what a man does. he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we're going to miss him. t about? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. its retinol formula visibly reduces wrinkles in one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®. the lines, the cost, the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. add your flavor, according to ford, the works fuel saver package could literally pay for itself. jim twitchel is this true? yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by
24-year-old james holmes sat silently as a judge advised him of his rights and ordered he be held without bond on suspicion of first degree murder. holmes is accused of shooting and killing 12 people during a midnight screening of "the dark knight rises." 58 others were injured. this afternoon nine remain in critical condition. >>> good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim rosen field in for jim hanley this afternoon. it was the first appearance for holmes since the deadly rampage. >> jay gray has more from the family members. >> you have a right to be represented by an attorney. >> reporter: these are the first public images since the attack, a picture of evil for so many watching, including the family members of the victims. >> he does look fairly, seems like demonic or something like that. >> reporter: the 24-year-old is accused of plotting for months and then carrying out a rampage wore a maroon jailhouse jumpsuit, haired dyed red and pink. >> i just want to see his face. >> reporter: he was disengaged, head bobbing back and forth, at times wide-eyed and fighting to keep
to the shooter. james holmes refusing to cooperate, using evidence bags as hand puppets. what was fueling his bizarre actions in the courtroom. >>> family fight. police called overnight to the jackson home. this photo showing janet jermaine jackson arguing. new details to where the king of pop's mom has really been all the time. >>> and -- the boss' shocking secrets revealed. bruce springsteen opening up. >>> and the whole gang and breaking as we come on the air, that major increase in security at the olympics. the military force is now going to top 18,000 overall. minimum wage guards who weren't adequately trained and the government is not taking any chances now, just three days before the opening ceremonies. >> that's right, opening ceremonies on friday. >>> also ahead, the latest on the punishment for penn state, slapped with major penalties in the wake of that abuse scandal. so much emotional reaction from all sides. and a lot of debate of whether this punishment was too harsh on the school and the students there now. >>> also this morning, we're going to welcome will ferrell, can't wait
disturbing look at james holmes in the courtroom yesterday. abc's dan harris was right there when it happened. and dan, what a bizarre scene. >> reporter: george, honestly, i've never seen anything like it. and if you thought his behavior inside the courtroom was bizarre, abc news is learning now information this morning about his demeanor ever since he was arrested that paints a picture that is even more strange. even before this bizarre spectacle of james holmes in court with that shock of orange higher and that face, looking alternately bug-eyed, bores, or blasted, even before this, police sources tell abc news that holmes has been acting in an extremely strange manner, ever since he was taken into custody. refusing to cooperate, acting as if he was unaffected by his arrest and even after officers put evidence bags over his hands to preserve the gunpowder residue, pretending they were hand puppets. the james holmes we're seeing now is a universe away from the clean-cut, up-and-coming neuroscientist he once was. >> you're currently being held. >> reporter: he remained utterly glazed even wh
in the mail room at the university of colorado's medical campus sent by james holmes. the details inside that package apparently contained key details about friday's theater massacre and could finally expose not only how holmes allegedly executed his rampage but also answer the one question no one knows or understands. why? let's get straight to ed lavendara on the ground for us in aurora, colorado. do we know who this package was actually sent to and when? >> reporter: our understanding is that it was sent to a psychology professor there at the university of colorado where james holmes had been studying for the past year in that ph.d neuro science program. we learned about the package at the university back on monday when several buildings on campus had to be evacuated for several hours as bomb technicians and teams looked at it to make sure there were no explosive devices or anything. all of that was cleared. yesterday we learned the package had been sent to the university, was found in the mail room, and was addressed from james holmes. kyra? >> sorry about that, ed. i thought we had
holmes applied online on june 25th to join a private gun range about a half hour drive from where he was living. the owner there called back and got a message on james holmes message machine that he described as very weird, almost like the person leaving the message was drunk, he told us gutteral, weird, bizarre, a deep forced voice on reportedly james holmes message machine. he said to his staff this guy doesn't get anywhere near our range until i meet him personally. he told one of our producers he didn't know if this guy was an idiot or what was happening. it was only after the killing that his staff went back and remembered the name matched this guy who had applied online and they found out that this is indeed the guy who applied online to join their gun range and had this very, very odd message machine at his home. it's just bits and pieces but we now know that james holmes was at least trying or attempting to get to a gun range to practice perhaps with the guns that he was using allegedly to kill all of these people. >> drew griffin reporting from denver. >>> tomorrow morning t
a court appearance 18 few hours. we're learning more about james holmes including something police found in his apartment overnight. marla tellez is live here to explain. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. this morning is the first tomb we could get our first look at james holmes since he shot and killed 12 people and injured 58 more in the movie theater shooting in aurora, colorado. investigators say after they finished clearing out his home of all of those booby traps, they found a batman mask. we learned the former graduate student start buying guns at denver area stores almost two months ago, he did so legally in person and on line, also purchasing 6,000 rounds of ammunition. some of these weapons he used on friday turned the new premier into an historic massacre. holmes is in solitary confinement where authorities say he is not cooperating. he has been assigned a public defender, expected to face 70 charges, one for every person he shot and could face counts of aggravated assault and weapons violations. holmes appearance may take months but the police chief is confident t
and hearing the alleged movie theater killer, james holmes. >> hello, i'm james. >>> and new details about the lethal, elaborate trap that he set in his apartment. trip wires, i.e.d. aerial shells. now, police, trying to answer the big question -- why did he do it? >>> the loss. we now have the names, the pictures and the stories of the 12 people who died in that theater, including a 6-year-old girl and three men who sacrificed themselves for their girlfriends. >>> still alive. police now say those two missing cousins in iowa were kidnapped but they believe they're still alive, new hope this morning as they expand the search to other states. what are the new clues they have? >>> and missing? has michael jackson's mother vanished? paris jackson calling for help that she hadn't seen her grandmother for more than a week. so, where is katherine jackson? >>> hey, good morning. on this day that we'll see the president of the united states making a trip to aurora, colorado, to visit with the victims of the movie theater massacre. >>> also this morning, this abc news exclusive. videotape of the su
theater massacre. there is james holmes there. he makes his first court appearance today. investigators are focused on one question. how did he go from a ph.d. candidate to masterminding one of the worst shootings in u.s. hi history? >>> we have so many stories of heroism emerging from that terrible night. including those who did whatever they could to protect their loved ones. we are remember those 12 victims this morning. people in aurora mourning them in an emotional vigil last night. you see the 12 crosses already set up. from across the movie theater. i was touched last night, after each victim's name was read, everyone said, we will remember. >> we will remember. >> and we will. >> you saw the crosses there. greg zanis, the man who set them up after the columbine massacre, drove 16 hours to set them up there from illinois. we're going to go to david muir. on is scene since friday. he's outside the courthouse where james holmes is expected to make his first appearance today. good morning, david. >> reporter: they're expecting to see the suspect's face for first time today. we're to
the university of colorado received a package from alleged theater gunman james holmes. the package containing handwritten papers was addressed to one of holmes' instructors in the neuroscience ph.d. program. meanwhile, the first of holmes alleged victims was buried. teresa garcia in aurora, colorado, has our report. >> investigators say a package from accused movie theater gunman was found in the mail room of the university of colorado denver. the package which was discovered monday was handled by a bomb squad robot and x-rayed to check for explosives. sources say the letter was sent to one of holmes' former professors, a psychiatrist. in it, he talked about shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. the letter may help investigators learn more about holmes but experts say not to expect closure. >> there is nothing that this individual could say to us that would cause us and the general public to sit back and say now i understand why you did this. >> defense attorneys got their first look inside holmes' apartment where authorities say he had planned to
of the families were in the courthouse. i can only imagine how painful that must have been for them to see holmes in there and kind of act so, unfazed by everything. >> you can see the emotion on their faces too as they walked in. it appeared some of them were crying. what i found interesting is that you had perfect strangers who never knew, never knew each other before this tragedy and together some of them wanted to hold hands as they walked in. i also heard that in court, other families that were walking and meeting for the first time hugged in the middle of the courtroom. nice to meet you. they seemed to be unified, in this experience together. i think you are going to be seeing a lot more of that as, the hearing, the trial resumes. >> the bond of common loss on display in that courtroom. thank you to abc's brandi hitt reporting live from centennial, colorado. thank you, brandi. stay with abc news on the air and online as we cover every development from colorado in this horrible story. you can find updates at >>> turning to politics and the west coast where the president and mitt
exactly happened in the theater early last friday morning. they say james holmes he stalked around the theater shouting and appeared to pick out and target his victims. meantime "batman" star christian bale visited with survivors in the hospital thanking the medical staff and the police. some survivors got visits from the denver broncos. >> you can tell they actually care. that's why they're coming around to everybody. >> at the university of colorado hospital, hugo jackson medley was born tuesday morning. he and his mom, katie, who also was at the movie thooeater but t injured. they're doing well. in the same hospital her husband caleb critically injured. in a medically induced coma one floor below where his son was born. there are reports he is starting to breathe on his own. just the news of his son's birth is doing him a lot of good. >> so god to hear that. praying for both of the folks. the gun control debate is heating up after the colorado shootings. but on capitol hill debate is not going to turn into any action at least during the election year. democrating and congression
, this abc news exclusive. videotape of the suspect james holmes as an intern at a science camp back in 2006. the man who allegedly imitating the joker, booby trapping his apartment like a mad scientist. here, described as a soccer-lover. >> better game than rock, paper and scissors. it's aparentally a professional sport. >>> lot of new information coming out about the investigation. we know that holmes is being held in isolation and while police are interviewing people who know holmes, they insists that he acted alone. police have safely removed all of the 30 separate explosive devices from his apartment. last night they detonated them out of harm's way. >>> let's not forget this, all of the victims. their names have been released. >>> let's get right out to colorado where david muir is leading our coverage. good morning, david. >> good morning, dan and bianna, two major developments here overnight. all of that material taken from the suspect's apartment where there were booby trap materials that material taken to an field and exploded. brand-new video of the suspect himself, showing a teen
: good evening to you lester from aurora, colorado where the investigation into the suspect james holmes has taken several new turns but tonight this focus here in this field behind me where a vigil is being held is on the victims. 12 people killed, 58 more wounded. 24 remain in the hospital, nine of them in critical condition. tonight the president is mourning along with the families who suffered overwhelming loss. miguel, good evening. >> the president has arrived here in aurora to meet with first responders and the victims. the vigils here are growing larger as the community comes together. >> reporter: on a day of prayer and reflection a community torn apart by violence comes together. >> lots of us, maybe all of us, keep asking why. >> reporter: today they remember the victims. >> john larimer. >> eventually you get the spirit to move on but we'll never forget. >> reporter: in texas jessica ghawi's parents are grieving. >> no parent should go through that. >> reporter: as families mourn survivors struggle to make sense of the blood shed. >> there was nowhere to hide cht. >> reporter
headquarters, in the hours after the shooting, holmes was staring at the wall with his eyebrows twitching. >> this could all be behavior indicative of some sort of psychotic episode. it might be there is other stuff >> reporter: "the washington post" says holmes' mother, told her friend she worried for years about her son being socially isolated and wanted him in counseling. in the days before the massacre, mixed signals. on the one hand, eight days beforehand a neighbor says holmes was out looking for a new apartment. two days before spotted in the bar chatting sports. on the other hand, how hole had a profile on that read will you come visit me in prison? meanwhile extraordinary new stories from the survivors. amanda's boyfriend, alex tevez sacrificed himself to save her. >> he pulled me down and he covered my head. he said, shh, shh, stay down. it is okay. stay down. i did. >> reporter: you think he knew that he was putting himself in danger for you? >> i know he did. he would do anything for me. >> reporter: it is an incredible story. we do have a hopeful note now, involving
his mental state or whether he was medicated it turns out james holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist before the attack cbs reporter and a warner with more on the doctor who is treating him. a motion filed by james holds public defender reveals that he was under the care is a crisis and then send dr. fans and the is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver and the medical campus homes as a graduate student at the school. earlier this week school officials said students were monitored by mental health specialists. the faculty and program leadership me down a regular basis to discuss how the students are doing the stars and difficult students. a package sent by a homeless to dr. fenton was recovered by police in the schoolroom on monday. sources say the package contained a letter written by holmes a describes shooting people it's unclear when holmes sent package. holmeses lawyers say the discovery of the letter should never have been made public because it contains communications from mr. holmes a doctor fenton that mr
on the tragedy. sherry? >> reporter: the suspect, james holmes is due to be arraigned in a few hours. police say the suspected shooter is no longer talking and refuses to cooperate. he is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty. he is being held without bond in solitary consignment at a detention center. hundreds perhaps thousands gathered for prayer vigils to remember the victims. those who died ranged in age from-from -- from 6 to 51. it could take months to determine a motive. sources say inside his booby trapped apartment they found a batman mask and a poster. they are looking into whether some of the hazardous chemicals came from a medical campus where holmes was working on his ph.d. he quit last month. police say holmes was stockpiling ammunition'd. he apparently tried to join a gun rang last month but the owner was so disturkey day by the encounter he rejected his application. yesterday president obama met with families of the victims for several hours and told them that the nation and much of the world is thinking ever them. >> sherry, thank you.
who call the gulf home. >>> the accused gunman 24-year-old jaumz holmes will make his first court appearance tomorrow. those who knew him described a quiet, academically-gifted student who kept to himself. someone bearing no resemblance to the person who open d fed fin a packed theater. dan simon has more. >> reporter: the face seemed familiar and then he remembered, dave casper owns a san diego pawnshop and recalls holmes looking at guns a few months ago. >> to find out that he used firearms in the commission of his crime and that he had been in here looking at firearms is kind of -- a little bit unsettling. >> reporter: a few miles away in the middle-class neighborhood where holmes grew up, a portrait is emerging. not of someone who was violent or had an intense interest in w weapons, but a quiet, intellectually astute young man. >> obviously, the intellectual capacity to do whatever he wanted to do. >> out of the 20,000 students at the university of california riverside, holmes was among the very brightest according to the school's chancellor. ed a mitted on a academic scholars
that much of katie holmes in the years she was married to tom cruise. >> now less than a month after her bombshell divorce announcement, she is, well, everywhere, now magazine covers even on broadway. abc's amy robach reports on her big career makeover. >> reporter: even the rain can't keep katie holmes down these days. spotted on the streets of new york city with daughter suri in tow. it appears holmes is taking full advantage of her post s divorce publicity and highlighting her role as a rising style icon by gracing los angeles based "c" magazine, revealing a more sexy, confident look. in the interview conducted one day before she announced she'd be divorcing tom cruise, holmes speaks out on her future telling the magazine, quote, i am ready to take on some more challenging roles. i feel look i worked so much at a young age that i really wanted to have life experiences. i feel more balanced and like i have more to bring to the table. holmes, who launched the ready-to-wear label holmes and yang in 2009 with jean yang, is rocking elegant looks from her latest collection. >> when we spoke
of holmes at his first court appearance he wants to tell holmes he foregives him and wants to pray for him. >> that take is a gracious spirit. it take is a while to get to that place. >>> the suspect in a mass shooting is being told if he doesn't shave his beard it will be removed for him. the army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people at fort hood in texas three years ago. another dark moment in this country. he did appear in court yesterday with the beard that he sported at a hearing last s month. it is in violation of army rules, but he claims it is an expression of his muslim faith. >>> penn state trustees now admit things could have been ape lot worse for the university's football program. the school is now confirming that it faced the threat of a four-year ban on football. that so-called death penalty has not been used against a school since back in 1987. the trustees say penn state's punishment was unfortunate, but certainly better than the alternative. >>> federal agents are going to review two deadly police shootings in southern california. the shootings have sparked four da
in the county jail are saying about suspect james holmes. >>> we are live in walnut creek where many church goers here are trying to make sense of the incident in colorado. >>> a chp officer calls for help after his patrol car is hit and shots were fired. what happened and the search for suspects this morning. . >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, july 22nd. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we will go to rosemary orozco with what we can expect. you said it was a nice one, rosemary. >> that's right. we are not going to be as hot. we have signs already this morning. a deep are marine layer and numbers are down. minor drops in temps will come when the sea breeze picks up just a bit more. it will continue as we get back into the work week. we will have the numbers for you, coming up. >>> colorado authorities are refuting reports that they are looking at a second suspect. a denver tv station said they were trying to investigate a second person in the case. they said this individual is an acquaintance of james holmes and they are trying to track down a
said the suspect, james holmes, was shouting at his victims. barry pederson has the interview. >> reporter: witnesses say the shooter said nothing as he repeatedly fired into the audience. but from the hospital, survivors alee young who was shot in the neck and stephanie davis who kept her friend from bleeding to death remember it differently. >> i see him up there. and i'm hearing him yell at people and then you just hear the rounds going off just boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: off camera davis told reporters later he would shout, "what are you doing? i said stand up." he would pick people up. i saw him stand over someone. i just see hair and him holding the shirt and, boom. >> it's sad for me to know that there's people out there that just go through life where they just massacre, you know, for lack of a better word, just to massacre people and i feel so sorry for him. i feel so sorry. >> reporter: investigators, including the lead prosecutor karen pierson, scoured holmes' apartment today. investigators were also coming to the theater crime scene. one major clue to wha
his first appearance in court today. james holmes is accused of opening fire during the midnight opening of the batman movie. >> as more details emerge, the identities of all 12 people who were killed have been revealed. >> we have more now on the victims of this tragedy. >> reporter: the youngest of the victims, 6-year-old veronica mosser sullivan was excited about learning to swim. veronica's mother remans in critical condition and meant been told about her daughter's death. 23-year-old kayla attended aurora community college. she was a huge green bay packers fan. 24-year-old alexander steams wanted to become a psychiatrist, recentlyerning a master's degree in counseling psychology. 24-year-old jessica gowie narrowly missed a shooting in canada just last month n a blog, she wrote, i saw the victims of a senseless crime i saw life change. at 26 yoorks jonathan blunk had already served three tours with the navy and planned to become a navy seal. -- at 26, jonathan blunk had already served three tours with the navy and planned to become a navy seal. mat mcquinn dove in front of th
of make james holmes spiral out of control. we were told he had done poorly on the final exam. this was all around the same time that according to law enforcement sources he was buying weapons at various gun stores around the denver area and also amassing all of the ammunition, the 6,000 rounds of ammunition as well as all the explosive materials found inside of his apartment. so those are big clues and obviously big issues that psychologists and investigators are taking a much closer look at. >> all right. ed lavendara, we'll be talking throughout the morning as we find out more about james holmes and the investigation taking place in particular with regard to this package that was sent to the university. okay. i want to make it very clear that james holmes has still not given police a motive. and we still do not understand his state of mind. this story, though, undoubtedly has left so many parents wondering about their own children and what could potentially go wrong. what are the warning signs? how do you even know that your child is capable of such unspeakable violence? an
for wjz. suspect james holmes sent a package, allegedly detailing his plans to kill. >> reporter: the university of colorado denver medical school is disputing reports that a package, allegedly sent by james holmes to a professor, sat in the school's mailroom, untouched, days ahead of last friday's shooting n. a statement, the school confirmed that it received a suspicious package. but that it arrived on monday. and that it was, quote, immediately investigated and turned over to authorities within hours of delivery. the building was evacuated while the aurora bomb squad dispatched a robot to screen the package. sources say the package contained handwritten papers that holmes addressed to one of his instructors who is also a psychiatrist. in the documents, they say holmes talked about shooting people and even included crude drawings ever a gunman and his victims. >> came here, like they have a super power. >> reporter: video shows holmes before the shooting, giving a presentation at a science camp. aurora officials are under a strict gag order, unable to share information about ho
in all of us. some of the attention, though, will also be on the suspect, at least for now, james holmes. his encounter with a gun range owner last month was so disturbing that owner refused to let him join the range. >> usually if i call somebody and leave a message, they call me back immediately the same day. so by the time i call three times, he hasn't called me, it's like okay, i don't like this to begin with. leave it alone. >> reporter: there's also regret from an online tactical gear supplier who has learned that multiple shipments to homes helped him carry out histine -- holmes helped him carry out his sinister plot. >> that's actually one of the first things i thought of was i hope it wasn't an order that came through our sos. >> reporter: police chief dan oat says critical information -- dan oates says critical information has been recovered from the apartment. james holmes will make his first appearance in court tomorrow. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >>> three days later there's still so many questions surrounding the tragedy. what could have motivated the suspect? as for the
. >>> also this morning, this abc news exclusive. videotape of the suspect, james holmes, as an intern at a science camp back in 2006. and emulated the joker, carrying out mass murder, booby trapping his apartment like a mad scientist. here described as a soccer loving, aspiring scientist whose dream one day is to own a slurpee machine. >> what better game than rock, paper, scissors. apparently, rock, paper, scissors is a professional sport. >>> meanwhile, a lot of new information coming out about the investigation. we know that holmes is being held in isolation, away from other prisoners, and that while police are interviewing people who know holmes, they insist that he acted alone. also this morning, police say they have safely removed all of the 30 separate explosive devices from his apartment. and last night they detonated some of them up out of harm's way. >>> and let's not forget this, the faces of the victims. all the names have now been released, and this morning we're going to tell you about their lives. so let's get right out to colorado where abc anchor david muir is leading
: james holmes will be arraigned in court this morning. he is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty. there is no motive. sources say inside the suspect's booby trapped apartment they found a batman mask and poster. >>> reporter: james holmes, the man suspected of shooting up a colorado movie theater is due to make his initial court appearance today. >> they will get a case filing, basic information to tell them what charges are appropriate and then the investigation will go on. >> reporter: police officials say holmes is not cooperating and some are left to wonder if he will be mentally competent to stand trial. >> they believe he is not competent to proceed he will get sent down to be evaluated at the state hospital. >> reporter: authorities say it could take months to determine a motive but one former police officer suspects holmes wanted to become a villain similar to one in the batman movies. >> i believe that he planned this for months and the fantasy was for him to take on the persona of the jocker. >> reporter: holmes allegedly c
we're live in aurora with more >> abc news has video of shooting suspect james holme, taken six years ago when he spoke at a science camp. >> it's an ill -- illusion that a allows you to change the past. >> he shot into a crowded theater, kill 12 people, including very ron na moser. >> veronica's mother, ashley, is in the opt and has been told of her daughter's death. >> we small people who are still terribly injured and may not make it. >> authorities maneuvered through a minefield of booby-traps inside holmes apartment, removing a computer, hard drives, and several explosives they detonated at other locations. >> as we continue to learn more about the man police believe is responsible for this shooting, there's an effort here today to make sure the victims are not forgotten and, alan, i will wile the story at 6. >> alan: is the area starting to look like it did before the tragedy? >> the mall re-opened yesterday so today you had a lot of shoppers coming and going, people still taking pictures. the theater is closed. the parks lot is starting to fill up with people coming to ho
and oakland. james holmes makes its first court appearance tomorrow the massacre suspect is not cooperating he has been appointed a public defender, police say it could take months to determine a motive. authorities are working with the fbi behavioral analysts. this morning president obama met with grieving family members scent churchgoers are pressing for the suspect. >>> between vigils and a presidential visit there's been a coming together in aurora thousands of residents and officials gathered for a community wide prayer vigil since the shooting happened they have come together as one to remember and heal. the a community of aurora, colorado can together for a vigil to remember the victims of friday's shooting massacre. >>> our city will be greater and stronger because of our diversity >>> president obama met privately with the grieving families he addressed the media after words >>> it was comforting to hear how wonderful their brother or mother was >>> there also provides for the suspected shooter >>> gens holmes has a mother and father and they carry a big burden we forgive him too. >>>
. >> reporter: this morning, a huge clue about the suspected shooter. sources tell abc news james holmes may have mailed to the university of colorado, the school he attended until dropping out last month, a notebook detailing his plans to carry out the massacre. fox news quo quotes a law enforcement source containing full details about how holmes planned to kill people, including graphic images of people shooting and killing one another. in denver yesterday, the service for 51-year-old gordon cowden who went to the movie with his teenage children. >> it was hard, but it was good. >> reporter: many of the law enforcement heroes from that tragic night paid tribute to the victims. >> we're all human. we're all affected by this greatly. >> reporter: this morning, hearing more from the victims and their families. you might be surprised by the compassion they're showing the shooter. listen to pierce o'farrilo'farr. >> he's a lost soul right now. i just doctor i pray the lord can find his way into his heart and change him. >> reporter: shirley lost her daughter, rebecca, in the massacre. >> i'm so
in u.s. history now officially faces criminal charges. james holmes a appearing in the colorado group for the second time. this time to be formally charged for the july 20 attack the killed 12 people and injured 58 more. this video from last time around because no cameras were allowed in the courtroom today so we turn now to brandi hitt with the very latest. >> no cameras allowed in the courtroom, but we do know the hearing is underway. one is over, many legal experts believe james holmes will likely face hundreds of charges. >> filing charges this monday july 30. >> 24-year-old james holmes is formally hearing the charges against him and said a caller to a group of 10 days after the movie theater -- massacre in which 12 people were killed and 58 others with it, holmes changes -- faces charges of first-degree murder. >> if convicted of one count of first-degree murder, the punishment will be either the death penalty or life of the possibility of parole. >> the stepmother says -- ashley's stepmother will be in the court reporter she not only lost her 6-year-old stepdaughter in the shoo
: sunday's service focused on the massacre, including prayers for the suspected shooter. james holmes. >> james holmes has a mother and a father and they are carrying a very big burden, so we forgive him. >> reporter: just across the street from the crime scene, mourners wrote messages on 12 crosses, one for each of the victims killed. police have finished collecting evidence from holmes' apartment. they want to know where he got the explosives and materials that he allegedly used in his home and in the shooting. >> we are building a case to show this was delivered and processed by a very intelligent man who wanted to could this. >> reporter: holmes is in solitary confinement. his first court appearance monday morning when a judge is expected to tell him he is under investigation for 12 murders. in aurora, colorado, theresa garcia >>> we are hearing incredible stories of bravery. one young teen tried to save the life of the youngest victim, doug blackstone has the story for "wjz." >> reporter: at a church in the city, to day, pastor michael walker told the story of heroism how a 13-ye
hours from the moment they went in to james holmes' apartment, they were able to start taking away the evidence and the belongings from what we can tell, they have completely cleared out his apartment. a law enforcement source tells cnn, they removed interestingly enough a batman poster, a batman mask, and his computer. all of that has been taken away from the apartment. and obviously, they're going through that computer, trying to see what kind of evidence they might be able to find. they're hoping that would be a type of clue that would provide a great deal of evidence. and depth into what exactly james holmes has been doing for the last several months in preparing for this attack. don? >> we also learned something about the weapon used in that theater. what do police say about that? >> well, we had heard from one of the shooting victims, they believe that at some point, one of the weapons that james holmes was using inside the theater had jammed. we're told by a law enforcement source that appears to be the case. it was the ar-15 assault rifle that jammed at some point and this
james holmes. his legal team's file yesterday revealed he was a psychiatric patient and was seeing a university of colorado doctor. we'll have those details coming up. the doctor was an expert in schizophrenia. you have to wonder if she saw signs he could possibly do it. >> fairly or not, people asking if she could have perhaps stopped it. >>> the woman who admitted to hiring hitmen, yes, hitmen, plural, to kill her ex-lover's socialite wife, no less than three times she did this. she's cut a plea deal. she's going to be going to prison. why is the intended victim so furious? that story is coming up. >>> we start with the opening ceremonies. a quirky, clamorous pageant. they loaded it with the queen to mr. bean, sir paul to the woman who invested harry potter. bill weir is covering the games for abc news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. so great to be back on "gma" week end, especially since it's noon here in gorge london. the city still buzzing after last night. it was everything you might expect from a land that gave us shakespeare, the sex pistols and monty python.
of james holmes, the investigation is pressing forward. the fbi and atf and local police are looking into the apartment and they have been in contact who have called a special tip line with information about the suspect. all of that will help explain the how of the horrific story, but not yet to why. part of the james holmes mystery is coming clear. how a clean-cut middle class kid people called jimmy turned into a sullen man with a scope on an assault rifle three weeks ago. >> i shouldn't feel he should have that type of gun. >> reporter: the officials found that the apartment was booby trapped as he told them it was and they used a controlled detonation to release the trip wires that could have killed anyone entering. now fbi agents could go in and trucking away a cache of weapons that were safely detonated. dozens of people evacuated from the adjacent buildings now returning home. >> we found multiple containers with accelerants. this was designed to kill whoever entered it. >> reporter: what changed james holmes? he was a scholarship student from the university of california rive
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